Davenport Surfsail

Davenport Surfsail started in 1985.

The location is 100 Riverside Avenue Old Coast Road 354, Davenport, California 95017.

The phone number is 831) 429-6051

The Email is joe@davenportsurfsail.com

Some of the brands we carry or are able to procure are:

Naish, Chinook Sailing including chinook masts, booms, bases, extensions (the carbon extension with extra beefy layup), kids rigs, parts and downhaul tools, Cabrinha, K4, Ezzy, Hotsails Maui, Goya, Quatro, Simmer, Maui Fin Company, JP, Neil Pryde, Dakine, Nolimitz, Severn, Starboards, maybe prolimit, True Ames Fins, NSI, Sail cloth, monofilm, webbing, ladder locs including 2″ and line.

Thank you for your support!

Joe Ray

Published by Davenport Surfsail

I started Davenport Surfsail in 1985. I met Bill Grunwald in the late 60's in Davenport where he was building wooden rowboats with mostly hand tools in a 100 year old barn. I later bought a 12 and a 15 "footer" from the amazing Bill Grunwald. At the time I had driven down a logging road (Gazos Creek Road) from my family property (bought in 1959) at the top spring of Waddell Creek to go surfing. A redwood log on a logging truck had knocked the fin off the surfboard on the top of my volkswagon bug. so I drove around Davenport (The surf was blown out anyway) and noticed the boatbuilder. I dropped in occasionally for swiss miss on the woodstove. I was building surfboards on Mission Street in Santa Cruz (In a laundry room) around 1978 and the surf was still blown out in Davenport. I had just returned from Taking tourists out in Hobie cats for Club Med in Hanalei Bay. I tried their windsurfers a few times in the River. I heard Robbie Naish was sailing there one day, but I was too busy building 20 surfboards for Club Med, doing labor on the house next door, being Billy Hamiltons' wifes busboy at the beam Reach Restaurant and bartending with Jimmy Lucas to watch, unfortunatly . Anyway, I started trying to sew sails in Santa Cruz. It was a struggle. Davenport was still blown out so I asked Bill if he had any space for rent. He said I could rent a fallen down shack in the back for 30 dollars a month. I said thanks, I'll think about it. Five months later I asked him if the shack was still available. He said yes. Was it still 30 bucks a month? He said yes. I've been sewing sails and selling windsurf gear in Davenport ever since.

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